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5 things you should not overlook during an inspection!

5 things you should not overlook during an inspection!

 Planning to move out soon? Below is a renting guide on the list of things you need to consider looking out for when moving into a new place in the near future.


            If you are a light sleeper or find peace in silence, you definitely have to consider this as part of your checklist. Check if the room walls are thin and if the place has a staircase, check that it is not creaking. Understand that traffic and noise in the neighbourhood varies according to what time you visit the property. Request to do another inspection on a different time if you would like to.


            While ample sunlight is essential for some of us, some prefer the darkness. When it comes to how much natural light the room or the house is getting, it mostly depends on how big the windows are and in which direction it is facing. In Australia, a room with the window facing North or North-East gets the most sunlight during the day.

            If your bedroom is on the ground floor near the roads, check if street lights will affect the lighting in your room. If the blinds/shades/curtains provided are not of your preference, request to switch it out if it is possible. Lastly, light fixtures also help to set the mood and are easily changeable.


            Does the area provide nbn connection? That’s all you need to know if fast internet connection is on your priority checklist. Simply check with the real estate agent whether the area provides nbn connection or you can check here(link) on nbn’s website by typing in the address.


            Having a parking slot available is important for sure but also what type of parking facilities (garage parking, on/off street parking or underground parking) is available should be taken into consideration as well. In recent years, a car stacker parking system was introduced to allow more cars to be parked in smaller spaces. Despite, it being an innovative approach, it has been said to be a slower process that is way more time consuming compared to other types of parking. Lastly, you might want to think twice before renting an apartment with car lifts or elevators. Oftentimes, tenants have a frustrating experience when they get stuck with their car in the lifts.


            It’s good to check Google maps to have a brief idea of what is around the neighbourhood, but it would be better to drive around the area and get a “feel” of the environment and see what the neighbourhood has to offer. If you have little furry friends, check whether there are parks in close proximity for you to take them on walks. It is also good to check how accessible the area is via public transport for those who rely on public transport.

            Apartment inspections are often tedious but essential in making sure you not only get bang for your buck but also ensure you are getting an apartment you expected. Of course, there are also much more important things to consider, such as the maintenance of the house. Check for cracks, leaking and even paint bubbles on the wall, as they are a sign of water-proofing issues. Whatever they may be, make sure to relay your concerns to your agent and get it sorted preferably before you move in.


Cathy Sindarto

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