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4 Cheap Ways to Renovate Your Home

4 Cheap Ways to Renovate Your Home

Want to renovate your house? Here are 4 budget-friendly tips you should read!


  1. Paint is your new best friend


When trying to renovate your house in a low budget, paint is one of the most cost-effective methods that can give your house the ultimate makeover. If your budget is really tight, you can simply do it yourself!


If you’re feeling bold, opt for a bright colour that matches your furniture or recent trends. A muted pastel colour will also create a very calm and classy ambience within your house.


  1. Lighting


Consider changing up your lighting if you want to change the style of your house or switch up its ambience. The right choice of lamps can instantly spice up your room. You can either opt to change your lighting by using overhead fixtures or stand-alone sources.


Stores such as IKEA sells good quality lamps that does not break the bank. Or if you have the time for it, go thrift shopping to find some hidden gems!


  1. Accessorise


Accessorising your apartment is an easy and cheap way to “renovate” your house. Just with the addition of accessories that are colour matched, you can easily make your house look decorated and stylish.


If you think your bathroom needs a little pick me up, try to consider first cleaning it up and adding some accessories such as rugs, bath towels, shower curtains or even something as small as a laundry bag! These small additions can improve the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. If you can, try to avoid moving plumbing fixtures. Major plumbing does really push up renovation costs.



  1. Refurbish your outdoor area


For those of you who have an outdoor area, ensure your outdoor areas remain clean and maintain. This is especially vital if you’re trying to sell and if your yard acts as the entrance towards your home.


This renovation can be as simple as pruning and weeding your garden area to look your yard seem well maintained and clean- or even to planting more flowers and plants. If you have a deck that looks like it needs a little pick me up, consider repainting it to emphasise its original colour.


There you go, 4 easy and cheap ways that you can do to renovate your home! Remember, renovating your home is always good because it keeps your property at its maximum value. Plus, who doesn’t want to come home to a beautiful house? Even if you’re not selling, you’d still be getting value out of renovating.


Published by Xynergy Realty 2020.



Jeffrey Koby

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