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Are floor plan necessary?

Are floor plan necessary?

Sellers often think of a floorplan as an unnecessary expense. While a floor plan is not exactly necessary to sell your property, it certainly is a good investment that can help a buyer simplify their decision-making process.

Here are some reasons why a floor plan can be as crucial as quality photos and descriptions:

They help buyers visualize the property better!

With a floorplan, buyers can see all the minor details that a photo will not be able to show.

It can help future buyers understand the layout and space of the property. They will be able to see how rooms connect with each other, how the area flows, and even unique selling features like knock throughs or extensions.

This allows them to mentally move in the property, helping them imagine where their own furniture will go and how might they go about decorating it. All of these details that a floorplan show will help buyers decide whether the property is worth viewing.

It helps you stand out from other properties

A floorplan is essential in the pre-inspection phase. Property hunting usually begins online. First, buyers would not want to waste their time looking for properties that don’t match their needs. Not everyone has time for inspections. When your property has a floorplan, buyers are more likely to consider your property as they can visualize the property without having to inspect first.

House hunters usually look at many properties in a short amount of time. The features of each house can undoubtedly get mixed up when they’re looking at several properties at a time. Having a floorplan allows buyers to remember the property better and distinguish it from your competitors.

It makes you look professional

According to a survey by Topsnap, 93% of buyers say they are more likely to spend time looking at a property with a floor plan.

A floor plan will give you a market advantage, primarily if your competitors do not provide you with one. The more features you have on your listing, the more attention it looks like you put on your job.

People prefer to work with a real estate company who pays attention even to small details and knows what they’re doing. By adding a floorplan to your listing, you show future buyers that you are a professional.

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