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6 ways to keep your home cool this summer!

6 ways to keep your home cool this summer!

With summer coming up, temperatures are certainly getting warmer and more unbearable. Before you crank up your aircon and blow up your next quarterly bill, have a quick look at these simple tips that can help you avoid that problem.


  1. Blinds are your best friend

It might seem obvious that closing your window blinds can protect your house from the harsh summer sun. However, keeping your blinds closed can even reduce indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees! It basically prevents your house from being a mini greenhouse, especially if your place has west and south facing windows.

Trying to invest in blackout curtains might also be more effective if you’re planning to reduce sizzling heat in your house.


  1. Cotton fabrics

Try to ditch your comfy wool blankets for a thin, cotton blanket this upcoming summer.

Cotton is your best friend during hot weather. It’s soft, lightweight, breathable and most importantly it soaks up sweat so it will ensure that you stay cool all day long.


  1. DIY your fan!

Try positioning a bowl of ice in front of a fan. The air will blow off the ice and you’ll get an extra chilled, misty room. Not even an air-conditioner can beat this trick. Plus, you’ll be saving up a lot on your energy expenses by doing this!


  1. Change your Lightbulbs

You’ve turned on the fan, closed the window blinds and your room is still hot?

Try changing your lightbulbs. Incandescent lightbulbs produce a lot of heat, so consider making the switch to energy saving bulbs that can cut down your energy expenses and make your home cooler.


  1. Pay attention to your bedding!

Although you might be tempted to keep your winter beds on a cosy doona, layers of sheets and tons of pillows, keeping all of them on a hot summer night might not be a good idea as it can easily trap heat and cause excessive sweat. If you still want them to look cute and comfy, floral and bright sheets might be your next best option.

Also, consider switching up to linen or light cotton sheets! It might help you avoid those restless hot night sweats. If you’re choosing cotton sheets, make sure the thread count is not high to avoid stifling.


  1. Heatproof your bed

If you’ve made the huge switch to linen or light cotton sheets and your bed is still hot, consider heat-proofing your bed.

Consider investing in a Chillow, which is a cooling pad that you insert to your pillow to ensure that you remain cool throughout the night.



Well, those are 6 tips that Xynergy Realty has compiled to make your summers less hot and unbearable. We hope you enjoyed these tips and found them helpful!


Kial Jarred

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