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5 Benefits of Apartment Living

5 Benefits of Apartment Living

In Xynergy Realty, we understand that finding your dream home might require a lot of prior research and planning. As apartment living has become much more popular nowadays, we decided to give our clients 5 benefits of apartment living for those of you that are struggling to choose between a home and an apartment

1. Less Maintenance

Choosing to live in an apartment instead of a house is probably a better option for those of you looking for a place that requires less maintenance. Since apartments tend to be smaller in size, there will be less upkeep and cleaning needed. Large maintenance issues and communal areas will also be the responsibility of the body corporate, meaning that safety construction requirements are always maintained thus making you have fewer things to worry about.

2. More facilities

Most apartments will come with facilities that residents can have free access to. This can range from pools, saunas, gym, communal barbeques or even home theatres. Some apartments even offer cleaning, laundry, and even personal training services at an extra cost. Living in an apartment complex certainly means more amenities that home living might not provide.

3. Low cost & sustainability

For those of you who are looking to lower down costs or are simply more environmentally conscious, apartment living might be your best bet! Both bills and rent are considerably cheaper as electricity for a smaller area will be much more cost-friendly. Having a shared pool is also a much more environmentally conscious option than having a large pool all by yourself in your huge backyard. Plus, most apartments are built with sustainability in mind!

4. Security

If you live in an apartment, chances are that you already have top-notch security at your disposal. Not just anyone can get in most apartments usually have more than one layers of entry. Usually, an access key is needed to gain access to the building and the elevator. Large apartments will even have security at the lobby, car parks and CCTV installed.

5. Proximity

An apartment can be a much more affordable option in suburbs where house prices are skyrocketing. Most apartments are built within close proximity to the city, public transport, restaurants and entertainment. This also means that there is so much to do right on your doorstep, making you more likely to seek entertainment outside the home.

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Cathy Sindarto

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