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Xynergy Realty 2016 Cruise Trip!

Xynergy Realty 2016 Cruise Trip!

We are just one step away from our most favourite month in the year! Christmas is just around the corner and we can already start feeling the excitement. This month is especially special for Xynergy as our team members went on a long-awaited cruise trip. Not only that, we also have a very exciting announcement regarding the development and outlook of our beloved company. I’m sure you will not want to miss this. Make sure to grab our next Proprietas edition to see what we have in store.

Xynergy Realty Sydney- Melbourne Cruise Photo Gallery

This year, our company was blessed to be able to send our team members on a getaway, although it was short, we believe that it was just what everyone needed after a very hectic 10months this year. Sending our team members for a trip has been an annual ‘tradition’ for us, our company’s last trip was in 2014 to the USA, we had to skip 2015 due to growth in our staff numbers and essentially it was a little bit difficult to find the best date that can accommodate everyone. Even this year, you might notice that some of our team members were not there!

Day 1:

Day one started very early, since the cruise departed from Sydney, we had to first fly from Melbourne in the early AM. After we arrived in Sydney, our first destination was to the most talked and hippest place in town,

The Grounds of Alexandria.

This place is like the ultimate brunch/lunch place. It has everything you need to indulge! Fresh made coffee, pastries cart, BBQ specialty corner, a florist, and even a mini barn for the kids! The land area is huge, they even have to divide the place into few different eating areas.

15207875_10154715765105996_731756920_n    15227909_10154715765050996_382665266_n  15211727_10154715765095996_129140261_n

Next, we went for a short visit to our lovely Sydney office! Located at Sussex Street, right in the middle of Sydney bustling CBD. Not long after that, we then went for lunch at the famous Hurricane Grill.  We didn’t even have a proper picture to show you how good it was.

Pork Ribs at the Hurricane Grill. oops

Yes we know, what you are probably thinking right now, How did we even have the space to accommodate that many food in just one morning/ afternoon? The honest answer is, we didn’t even know how we managed to do it. All we know is that we have spent all the energy to work as hard as we can to please all of our clients 🙂

OH finally, we boarded the ship at Darling Harbour! It looked like this and it was gigantic in real life. The interior of the ship was mesmerizing, it had all the facilities a five star hotel needs to have. Our recommendation is now for you to keep scrolling down, we will let the pictures tell you the story <3



Unlimited food and drinks throughout the entire journey!

dscf0008 dscf0087 dscf0145 dscf0093

Never-ending fantastic live shows on board! We wish this trip stays forever!

dscf0123 dscf0004


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