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How to move without breaking the bank?

How to move without breaking the bank?

How to move without breaking the bank?

Whether you are buying a new property or simply renting out, moving in can be a hectic process. To make sure your big move goes smoothly, Xynergy Realty thinks that it is important to always plan ahead.

Budgeting plays a huge part in your move in process and to make things less overwhelming for you, Xynergy Realty has put down a list of tips that can help you to manage your expenses and hopefully cut it down.

1. Pay attention to utilities

Be a savvy energy shopper and do some research to find the best deals on utility rates around your area! The differences might be slight, but it can really add up within a year.

Also, determining the date of move out will help you to schedule ahead and switch off your current utilities to avoid paying additional costs on services you are not using.

2. Furniture Shopping

Buying overpriced furniture can add up to your expenses, so make sure you set a budget beforehand to make sure you don’t overspend. IKEA is a good option to start with as it provides various styles of furniture at a lower price.

If your budget is tight, make sure to check out online options such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace for cheaper options. Or simply check out your local thrift store, you might be able to find some affordable hidden gems!

3. Declutter

Throwing away old stuff that you no longer use can be difficult. But for those hiring movers, paying them to transport items that you no longer need.

Make sure to declutter beforehand to avoid paying extra costs for the move out process. You can even sell items that are no longer used for a decent price online!

4. Avoid overspending on Boxes

Moving companies tend to overcharge on boxes, thus driving up your move in cost. If you look carefully, boxes are everywhere, and they are usually free of charge!

Try asking your circle of friends if they have extra boxes that they want to get rid of or hit up garage and spring cleaning sales where they are usually giving out boxes and containers. Or even easier, Coles or Woolworths would be more than happy to set aside some boxes if you call them beforehand.

Published by Xynergy Realty, 2019 – South Yarra Real Estate Agency



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