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Five ways to stay warm this winter

Five ways to stay warm this winter

Five ways to stay warm this winter

Melbourne is known to be the city where you can experience four seasons in a day. Although Melbourne’s winter season still can’t match Canada or Finland, strong Melbourne winds can really pierce through your jacket and make it seem much colder than the actual temperature.

Although how to stay warm seems like a really basic question, Xynergy Realty thinks that it’s important for you to consider all options to stay warm this winter.

Without further ado, if you are looking to stay warm this winter, here are five ways to stay warm that Xynergy Realty has compiled for you:

1. Rug up

If you have hardwood floors invest in a beautiful rug as it will make a big difference.  Any distance that you can put between the cold floor and your feet will make a difference, so consider covering those hard floors with rugs. Good quality rugs start from $100 and can go as expensive as $1,000+.

2. Curtains

Curtains will help you keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Up to 40% of heating energy is lost through windows. Adding a pelmet to the top of your window is an effective way to stop all the warm air escaping.

If its an overcast day keep the curtains shut however if the sun’s out, keep your curtains open, the best heating is free heating.

And if you are willing to spend the money, double glazing your windows is the most effective method.

3. Insulation

During the colder months of the year, 25 to 35% of an uninsulated home’s heat is lost through the roof.

Insulation will keep your house warm in winter, but it will also keep your home cool in the warmer months, so it’s worth the investment.

But be careful you are installing it yourself because you need to leave clearances for light fittings and take electrical wiring into account. So better contact Xynergy Realty, we can refer you to a professional to help.

4. Check your heaters

Not all heaters are created equal – some will waste power and blow out cold air, while others will be very efficient and effective. This can be hard to inspect it yourself.

This is why Xynergy Realty recommends you to get all your heating appliances checked by a licensed electrician during winter. If there is an issue, they’ll be able to identify the problem and fix; this could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands off your heating bill.

5. Warm people, not your home

Make sure you remember the goal is to be warm not live in a warm house.

Warming your entire house will end up costing you thousands of dollars this winter, but keeping your family warm is a lot easier and more efficient.

Only warm the sections of your house that you are using and remember to turn off the heating when you leave.

Invest in a few warm blankets in the living room to keep cosy this winter.

Published by Xynergy Realty, 2019 – South Yarra Real Estate Agency



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