Chris Sun



Known for his hardworking personality, Chris will stop at nothing to ensure all your inquiries are solved and that you receive the best possible service.

Speaking fluent Mandarin and English as well as having 3 years customer service experience in different industries and countries, Chris has a significant advantage in problem-solving, flexible communication and excellent analytical skills. He excels at managing assets, multitasking and dealing with multiple clients or customers while still maintaining remarkable work quality. Chris have proven that he successfully transferred his expertise in dealing with customers to delivering one of the best property management services.

During his studies, Chris had successfully attained degrees such as Bachelor of Economics, Master of Professional Accounting and Business, which offers him a broad range of knowledge and fast learning ability. He utilizes his talent to exercise different social media and modern technologies to support his work quality and improve work efficiency. In his leisure time, he is also interested in fishing, swimming, gardening and hiking.


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Chris Sun
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