Confidence During Uncertainty

By Joshua Nicotera - Property Sales Consultant In Melbourne, many homeowners are closing in on their “zero hour". It has been well documented in recent months that the property market has taken a downturn. Prices have fallen by a median 5.80% in Melbourne or 4.10% nationwide (year to date) by the end of November 2018. [...]


HOW TO KEEP A PET IN YOUR RENTAL PROPERTY   Almost 5.7 million Australian households reported having a pet at home, and yet only 5 per cent of landlords list their rental properties as pet friendly.     With such a high-rate of pet ownership in Australia and such low rates of pet-friendly properties available […]

Renting vs Purchasing – How to know when the time is right to switch

 Most Australians dream to own their own home. The benefits of a mortgage over long-term renting are pretty straight-forward, with ownership of the property usually leading to capital growth in the long run. Rent on the other hand is often referred to as ‘dead money’,with many individuals feeling as though the money could be put […]

Tips to Successfully Get a Loan

Until today, many Australian are still relying on loans to be able to buy their first home. However, the process of getting a loan is always challenging. Because of high demands, lenders in Australia have become more selective in providing loans and conduct thorough evaluation process for every application. If you have dreamt of buying […]

Xynergy Realty’s 10th Year Anniversary Gala Dinner

  From humble beginnings, we have achieved significant growth in the past decade as we reflect and celebrate our 10th anniversary this year. Making our mark in the property industry has been rewarding and we are thrilled that we have reached our 10th birthday. Since our inception with a single Melbourne office, we have expanded […]

Tips for Securing Your First Rental Property

  SECURING a rental property can be tough at any age, but with no prior experience and a young age bracket providing potential hurdles, the first move can be the hardest. Swarming inspections and offers of higher rent are common in Melbourne’s sought-after suburbs, adding another layer of difficulty to putting a suitable roof over […]

How Melbourne’s Property Market Has Changed in A Decade

Melbourne’s property landscape has drastically changed in the past 10 years and aside from price, other changes have made way that shape it to be what it is today. Bruce Oliver co-founded the Melbourne-based agency Xynergy Realty in 2008 and discusses the key changes to the Melbourne property market that he has witnessed in past […]

Why This Man Left His ‘Comfortable’ Job to Start A Real Estate Business — Despite Having Zero Experience

Find what your life is worth living for. Passion changes everything. IN 2008, Melbourne man Bruce Oliver took the risk of a lifetime. At 31, Mr Oliver was earning a six-figure salary as a finance broker and telecommunications sales representative. But he always had a passion for real estate, and when a real estate agent […]

Xynergy Realty Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary

When Bruce Oliver and Ivan Tandyo started Xynergy Realty in 2008 out of Ivan’s two-bedroom apartment, they had no idea they would manage over $1.3 billion worth of assets ten years later. This year marks Xynergy Realty’s ten-year anniversary, providing a time to reflect on all the duo have been able to achieve – from […]

Why You Should Stop Complaining About Your Property Manager

Property managers don’t drive the fancy cars, but they should be praised just as much as their sales agent counterparts. Tenants and landlords everywhere grumble about their property managers, assuming they aren’t doing their job properly or are simply doing nothing at all. It makes sense that the source of most complaints that real estate […]