Is a New Public Housing Model The Solution For Affordable Housing in Australia?

With Australian property prices continually on the rise and foreign investment both encouraged and welcomed by the government, the Australian government needs to look at helping its citizens who might not be as financially well off. The median house price is currently at a record high of $826K in Melbourne, so how do we go […]

Thinking of Moving House? Summer May Be The Best Time To Snag a Deal

It’s common knowledge that spring is the most popular time to sell your home. The weather is usually good, bringing people out for auctions and daylight savings is under way, meaning there’s extra scope to hold open for inspections in the evening. But the best time to buy, or find a rental property, is not […]

Unconventional Property Investment

WHAT REALLY SETS PROPERTY APART FROM OTHER INVESTMENTS? Aside from return on investment, potential for negative gearing and the opportunity to gain a loan for a majority of the investment’s value, there are other factors that distinguish property from other investments. While anticipated return is obviously an important reason for selecting one investment over the […]

Common Misconceptions Debunked About The Overseas Investor

It’s hard to deny that house prices in Melbourne and Sydney are through the roof. And it’s not uncommon to hear people blame the government’s ‘relaxed’ rules for foreign investment in Australia. And more often than not, overseas investors are misunderstood and seen as purely negative. People are quick to make assumptions and get angry […]

Is now a good time to invest in Australia?

2017 has seen vast shifts in the property markets with the raft of changes in real estate regulations. But beyond these changes, there are bigger macroeconomic factors responsible for shaping the current state of play in the industry. With a multitude of factors surrounding investment decisions, we look at what you need to know about […]

Regulation is the Name of the Game

The legislation You may be familiar with the term “underquoting”. It is commonly passed around in the property industry and is probably the most misunderstood. More importantly, it is one of the most widely and covertly used sales tactics. So what is underquoting? According to Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV), the definition of underquoting is “when […]

The Truth about Housing Affordability in Australia

There is no doubt that home affordability is affecting new home buyers in the country. Core Logic recently released a report that gives an overview of housing costs in different parts of the nation. With the markets still sizzling in Sydney and Melbourne, people are finding it hard, if not impossible, to set foot on […]

Show Your Home Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

Xynergy Realty 2016 Cruise Trip!

We are just one step away from our most favourite month in the year! Christmas is just around the corner and we can already start feeling the excitement. This month is especially special for Xynergy as our team members went on a long-awaited cruise trip. Not only that, we also have a very exciting announcement […]

FREE Coffee and Two Weeks Gym Access!

Dear Xynergians! Just a friendly reminder that we are working together with Real Food and Fit n Fast Gym Victoria to provide our dearest clients the best possible real estate service. By signing up with Xynergy, you will be entitled to receive a FREE regular coffee made with the best organic blend and a FREE two weeks fit and fast gym access. […]