How to move without breaking the bank?

Whether you are buying a new property or simply renting out, moving in can be a hectic process. To make sure your big move goes smoothly, Xynergy Realty thinks that it is important to always plan ahead. Budgeting plays a huge part in your move in process and to make things less overwhelming for you, […]

Tips to Style Your Home

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style” – Billy Baldwin Interior design is as much as an art as it is science. There are certain guidelines that you can follow, but at the end of the day, everyone has different tastes and approach in terms of […]

Five ways to stay warm this winter

Melbourne is known to be the city where you can experience four seasons in a day. Although Melbourne’s winter season still can’t match Canada or Finland, strong Melbourne winds can really pierce through your jacket and make it seem much colder than the actual temperature. Although how to stay warm seems like a really basic […]

What Does Another Interest Rate Cut mean for you?

After hearing almost no news for nearly three years, the Australian Reserve Bank (RBA) is on the move cutting the official cash rate a new historic low last month the RBA has once again cut the cash rate in July to an even 1%. That was in line with the majority consensus from Australian economists, […]

Rental Market Update Q2 2019

Overview: For the first time in seven years, rent prices have fallen, with the latest Domain Rental Report data showing the median price fell by 2.3 per cent to $430 over the past three months. The drop-in house rents come after five years of substantial growth which saw rental prices rise by 13 per cent […]

Is the property slump over?

The week ending on 23rd of June recorded a clearance rate of 70 per cent compared to 69 per cent the previous week and 64 per cent during the same time last year. There were 479 auctions reported to the REIV, with 334 selling and 145 being passed in, 66 of those on a vendor […]

The importance of remaining educated in a fluctuating market

Following the high profile exit of Purple Bricks from Australia and the widely publicised housing market downturn, it begs the question as to how real estate agents can successfully conduct business in Melbourne’s fluctuating real estate industry. There has not been any significant changes to the job description but rather, it is the industry itself […]

In today’s market, should you auction your property or sell privately?

When it comes to selling your property there are many things to consider in the process, but it all begins with the big question, do you go to auction or go down the private sale route? Selling a property for a high price is the desired outcome for both the vendor and the real estate […]

The fallout from the Royal Commission and the ripple effect

The Royal Commission has sparked fresh discussions in Australia surrounding mortgages, in particular, what it means for homeowners who are currently paying interest only loans and how this will shape the Australian property market in years to come.  In-depth investigations during the commission put newfound pressure on Australian Financial Institutions to significantly improve their lending […]

Berkeley Group Project Showcase

Thinking of investing in the United Kingdom? The United Kingdom has no restrictions to foreign buyers (unlike Australia) Accommodates world-class educational institutes Has rapid infrastructure developments Has a high rental demand Proven track record of capital appreciation London ranks as the 3rd best city in the world to invest in property Having built nearly 20,000 […]